DIY T-shirt Scarf


I actually made these a year ago and thought why not share with you these DIY scarves for this time of year. They’re great for accessory or to add some color to your outfit. I made a few of these and gave them out for christmas gifts. I found this at Mr. it also has photographs of the instructions in case you need them.

Here’s what you need:
T-shirt (without side seams preferred)
Leather or faux leather(for binding)

Here’s what you do:
Lay your tshirt on a flat surface. Cut under the arms from one side to the other. Then, cut 1 inch strips going from side to side(not bottom to top) leave about an inch uncut on one end. Next, start to pull down strip by strip. It should begin to look like rope. Finally, gather at the end not cut and tie your leather, faux leather, or even braid strands of tshirt to bind. There you have it!

*I apoligize for the photo. I’m using a not-so-smart phone 🙂