Homemade Eye Primer


I love eye primer! I think this is what eyeshadow was missing all along!
You know when i picked out an eyeshadow I would put it on and the color was not the same. It was disappointing to see a lighter color and would usually come off easily or smear all over. Then I discovered eye primer and voila! The shadow color was bold and exactly what the color should be.

I usually use a primer by urban decay and this works just as good.
I found this recipe at mascara.com

Here’s what you need:
1 tsp Cornstarch
1/2 tsp Natural Chapstick
1 1/2 tsp Foundation

Here’s what you do:
I left my Chapstick sit near the window for a couple of minutes. yes, my house gets that hot in certain rooms that it will melt things. (that’s why my homemade deodorant stays in my fridge).
Mix the Chapstick, cornstarch, and foundation together and put in a small container.

There you have it! You have your very own eye primer.


DIY Blush


This trick I learned from katrimalomidze.com and it works!

If you have any broken shadows, powders, or blush this trick helps to fix it.

Here’s what you need:
Broken make up
Rubbing alcohol

Here’s what you do:
Add drops of alcohol to your broken make up and mix together to get a paste like texture. Next smooth it out onto the container patting down and smoothing out. Your blush/shadow/powder will look dark while it’s wet but let this dry over night.

That’s it! Problem solved! Crisis averted! Your blush/shadow/powder is almost good as new!

I also want to link back to ohsoprettythediaries.com they have some tips from commenters on how to keep your make up from flaking and cracking.