Stay Calm & Eat Healthy

I’ve found recently that I am eating healthier. Not because spring break is coming up or because I’m trying to drop some L. B.’s, but because the doctor advised my dad if he wanted to live longer, change your diet immediately. Let’s face it. Who hasn’t had a doctor tell our parents to change their diets. Do they listen? Hmmph! An easy fix to this problem was keeping healthy foods in the house and preparing healthy meals. We’re talking fruits straight from a tree to the sink. Same for vegetables, from the ground to being washed. Healthy meats, healthy pasta, healthier oils, even Himalayan salt. Ok well no one really had to convince me to buy that salt, I mean its PINK! Cuteness! The food doesn’t look to bad and its delicious. Well needless to say, I have seen less and less of my dad. I think he has learned if you eat here your foods gonna taste a little different than he’s used too. I’m not trying to promote a healthy diet for you, instead I’m saying if you see my dad can u tell him, HIS PLATE IS READY!