DIY Mineral Veil/Translucent Powder


Since using my own homemade make up remover, cleanser, scrub and toner my skin has never looked and felt better! So I don’t need to use a lot of powder. So this was perfect for me.

Here’s what you need:
1 tbs cornstarch
Make up

Here’s what you do:
Mix your old make up with your cornstarch and your done. You’ve just mastered the art of making translucent powder. Now if you have more of your make up you should get a heavier coverage.

The cornstarch is so light and will help absorb oil. Using your old make up will add a hint of color. When I say old I don’t necessarily mean like 5 years old (you know you probably still have some you can’t get rid of) I just mean previous make up. There’s usually a tad left that you try to save till you he the new one.
I usually use a primer so that also helps to keep the powder on longer.
Good Luck!