Alternative Face Primer


I love using my homemade mineral make up but it does go on light and I had a party I was going to and needed something to last. So I decided I would go and buy some make up just for the occasion. Well as I was at the store, I was looking at all these different powders trying to decide which would have long-lasting staying power and I found myself not being able to pick one. I just couldn’t do it! I felt like I was a fraud. (I know I am a bit dramatic) if I am trying to be “greener” buy saving money and finding alternative solutions well I better find one. So I left with no powder in hand and searched. When searching for a DIY eye primer I remembered also looking for DIY face primer and basically came up with nothing but I did find an alternative, 2 in fact.

Using a primer on your face creates a barrier between your skin and what your putting on your skin. It also helps smooth out and fills in lines on your face so that your make up gets applied smoothly.

Most face primers on the market today will read in the ingredients Dimethicone as one of the main ingredients, Dimethicone is a skin protectant, anti-foaming agent and hair conditioner, but seeing as it is a silicon based polymer, some may be mildly allergic but it’s very rare

So here are the 2 alternatives I found for face primer

•Aveeno Baby Daily moisturizing lotion (found tip at
•Monistat chaffing powder-gel
(found tip at

So at first I was not going to even consider using Monistat chaffing gel, I mean come on! Then after researching further (and having to see it for myself) I found that the exact ingredients found in smash box photo finish primer and monistat gel are the same!

I personally preferred the Aveeno Baby Lotion, maybe it was because I paid about the same as the monistat and got a whole lot more.

I tried each before the date of the party and I have to say what a great alternative for face primer. Both made my make up last with a very nice smooth finish. Seriously lots of compliments on my make up!

So if you want to cut the cost of your face primer from $36 to just $6 why not give it a shot!