DIY Floral Centerpiece

There is nothing like having your boyfriend walk in with some flowers! It’s the best actually. Receiving flowers is great, but where to put them? So as my boyfriend and I were looking for a vase we realized we had nothing. So I found this great alternative here. Um, so I don’t know exactly what the site is called or the language but the photo looks pretty self explanatory.
Here’s what you need:
Shears, or scissors

Here’s what you do:

Start taping the top of the bowl so u get it to looked checkered. This will create holes so you can place your flowers. Next, cut your flowers to size so that they fit in your bowl. You don’t want them to long unless you have a lot of filler flowers. Then you can place your flowers exactly where you want them and you will notice your bowl looks full with these flowers.

This is a great alternative when you don’t have a vase or if you just want to add some fresh flowers.