DIY Dandruff Shampoo


I made this shampoo for my boyfriend actually. He suffers from severe dandruff and nothing seems to work. I have used brown sugar scrub to get rid of the flakes but I was able to find a DIY dandruff shampoo from

Here’s what you need:
10 fl oz Baby shampoo
1 tbs apple cider vinegar (optional)
1 tbs baking soda (optional)
10 drops of tea tree oil
10 drops lavender oil

Here’s what you do:
Mix ingredients together. To use, massage into scalp and leave for about a minute or 2 then rinse.
***try not to get into your eyes***

The original recipe did not call for baking soda or apple cider vinegar however I’ve heard on many occasions to use ACV and/or baking soda in your shampoo so that is why I added it in.

Homemade Toothpaste/ Teeth Whitener

When I wake up in the morning my routine usually begins with brushing my teeth. So I wanted to see if there was an alternative for toothpaste and I found it!

Here’s what you need:
Baking Soda

Here’s what you do:
sprinkle baking soda on toothbrush and brush as usual. It does have a salty taste but if you like you can add the baking soda to your toothpaste. Either way, I get a great clean feeling but I’ve heard that just using baking soda may be to abrasive for your teeth. You should be able to decide how often you want to use it.

This method is great for removing stains from your teeth. I noticed a difference in my smile after just using it for 1 week.

Homemade Degreaser


If your like me you don’t like washing your hair everyday. Well it’s not that I don’t like too it’s just I don’t always have the time. I have to wash, air dry, blow dry and straighten just to have a decent hair day. It gets exhausting! You know those girls that take hours to get ready, I’m one I them and it’s all hair! So on days I don’t want to go through a whole routine I use this degreaser.

I found this at
It works so well and it volumizes!

Here’s what you need:
4 tbsp Water
1 tbsp Cornstarch
1 tbsp Rubbing Alcohol

Here’s what you do:
Mix together in spray bottle and apply to roots. Don’t drench your hair just spray enough to wet the roots.
Next, brush through hair and blow dry.

You will see your greasy hair look clean and volumized!

Homemade Deodorant


At this point I have made enough of my personal products to want to tackle this one. I was holding off on this one for a while because I just didn’t think it would be worth it. If there is one thing I would not want to live with out is deodorant and who better to get it from than the specialists, right? That’s what I thought till I found out how easy this recipe was, how good it worked and how harmful chemicals in deodorants are.

Aluminum-based compounds are the active ingredients in antiperspirants. They block the sweat glands to keep sweat from getting to the skin’s surface. Some research has suggested that these aluminum compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause changes in estrogen receptors of breast cells. Because estrogen can promote the growth of both cancer and non-cancer breast cells, some scientists have suggested that using the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may be a risk factor for the development of breast cancer.
Studies have looked at aluminum content of breast tissue, and aluminum absorption through the skin, but no clear link to breast cancer has been made. Researchers continue to look at this possible breast cancer risk factor and more studies are needed. (American Cancer Society)

Natural Cosmetic News
Please be sure to see some of the other ingredients found in deodorants.

That one ingredient was enough to get me off store-bought deodorant. Coming from a family of 5 girls, I do not want any reason to increase any chances of breast cancer.

So I figured I would try it out and just deal with the body odor. Well, let me just tell you how wrong I was about having any doubts for using this deodorant. Not only is it safe, it really got rid of any body odor I had. Hey i am in the south, IT’S HOT!

So let’s get to it!
I found this recipe at

I changed it to ingredients I had and the way I made it the first time worked for me. So keep in mind your body may react differently to different ingredients. So use what’s best for you.

Here’s what you need:
4 tbs coconut oil
1/4 cornstarch (or arrowroot)
1 tbs baking soda
5-10 drops essential oil

Mix dry ingredients together, then add the oils. Once it’s all mixed put in fridge for about 10 minutes so it can harden.
Now take an old deodorant container and pat in. Smooth everything out and clean around the edges then put back in fridge.
Ok so I keep my deodorant in my fridge only because I’m afraid to leave it out and find it melted all over the place.

Confession: I have been going around smelling myself and asking family members if they can smell me and no one has said anything about smelling like sweat or bad B.O.

I apply it once a day and it works so well that I don’t need it more than than that.

Here’s a hair tip!

When washing your hair, wet with warm water. Then when applying your shampoo massage into the scalp. Lightly massage going down the hair so your hair doesn’t break. Rinse with lighter warm water.

When using conditioner, apply to the ends first. The ends are what u are trying to condition. Your roots are where the oil start (duh!) so it’s your job to make sure the rest stays hydrated. So start at the bottom and work your way up. If you feel that the too of your hair is too oily then don’t apply to your roots since you won’t need it. Rinse with cold water to add shine.

When your done squeeze out the water from your hair. Instead of using a towel to dry your hair, grab a t-shirt and lightly dry your hair again trying to squeeze moisture out. Do not rub all over your hair cause that can break your hair. Think of all those times you got out of the shower and towel dried the beejezus out of your hair. Talk about major breakage! It was my understanding that towel drying your hair was the way to get all the moisture out so it could dry better. Boy was I wrong and my poor hair paid some serious punishment for that. So now that I’m older it’s time to take care of the hair I have cause who knows how long I’ll have it. So after using the t-shirt just wrap it around your hair and tuck it in the back and allow your hair to sit in there for about 5 minutes or as long as you like.

Homemade Conditioner


I actually learned this recipes through comments and have come to realize its a recipe that is everywhere!

This recipe was even easier to make!

Here’s what you need:

1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

2 cusps distilled water

Mix ACV and water. That’s it! Pour into an old conditioner bottle or shampoo bottle.

Pour on your ends and massage in. Rinse with cold water for added shine.

See what harmful chemicals are in your hair and skin products here.

Homemade Shampoo


I found this recipe at They had a many ways to concoct your very own shampoo. They have ingredients for all hair types and tell u the advantages of each one.
This recipe was easy to make and I think it smells great!
Here’s what u need:
1 c distilled water 2 tbs
Castile soap 2 tbs basil
1/4 tsp coconut oil
25 drops (shared)of lavender oil(softens and moisturizes) and bergamot oil(promotes hair growth)
1 tbs glycerin
Boil water, once boiled remove from heat and add basil to steep for 20 minutes.
Next strain the basil from water.
Mix the remaining water with the Castile soap, coconut oil, glycerin, and essential oils together.
Pour into a shampoo container. You can use an old shampoo bottle and keep in the fridge. If you like, you can keep a small amount in the shower with you for up to 3 days. Then just discard if any is remaining and refill.
You can use this as often as needed.
See what harmful chemicals are in your store bought shampoos here