About Me

I come from a family of 5 girls. Yes that’s right, 5! Growing up was always fun and interesting. When someone saw my mom and her ducklings out they would say “and which one is this one”? So now that we’re older we ask ourselves that same question. I have a “outgoing” sister, I have a “creative” sister, I have a “funny” sister and an “inspiring”sister, but me, I am trying to be the “Green” sister. Now whether im trying to be green with envy, green from saving money or green from trying to help the planet, I don’t know im still trying to figure that part out.
There are many things out there that you use everyday that you can honestly make yourself. It will save u money and it’s safer for you and the environment.
To be fair I have just started trying to be “greener”. So I am pretty much learning as I go but let me tell you there is a lot of information out there that we are not getting.

“Anything you can do, I can do better” that is exactly how I feel when I see a product and think, I wonder if I can make that? When u make your own products, you know exactly what’s going in and what you’re getting out of it. There are many harmful chemicals in your everyday products that you can do with out. So why not challenge yourself and see how you can make your life “greener” and hey saving money never hurt anybody.


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