Butterfly Baby shower



I am so excited! I’ve been recruited to help my bestfriend with her sister-in-law’s baby shower! It’s butterfly theme! Now at first I have to admit I wasn’t very excited. I kept seeing a pink preteen type of butterfly theme and was kind of, oh what’s the word, YUCK! its a babyshower not a 9-year-olds party. Anyway, so with a very small last minute budget I quickly went on the internet and searched for a different way to have a butterfly theme. WOW!  I underestamated the butterfly theme. I found I was able to make an easy centerpiece that wasn’t hard to do at all.

Here’s what you need:
Tissue paper
Cob spears
Chlothes pin
Small tuna can
White paint
Parsley, mint, rocks(optional)

Here’s what you do:
Get a pack of tissue paper. I got mine from wal mart at the party supplies. Since it was already creased I just cut along it. You should end up with 2 halves. They are not equel halves but it didn’t make much of a difference. Then I cut alond the crease of each one of those halves. Make sure all papers are single and not attached. Next, start to fold your paper as if you were making a fan. Then wrap some wire, string, or yarn at the center. Here comes the fun part spread open the tissue paper and begin to lift the paper on each side. I lifted from the front of each sheet then pushed foward from the back to make sure I got it as far up as I could go. You do need to use a light hand while doing this. Your paper should start to look like a pom pom ball.
Next gather 3 spears and tape together. Then get your small empty tuna can and put 20 clothes pins all around.(I painted mine white so they would look like a fence.)They should snap right on. You don’t have to glue so it makes it so easy. Next add stryofoam to the center of the can then insert the spear sticks. You can add fresh herbs or decorative rocks to hide the stryofoam. Then Glue the pom pom ball to the end of the spear. Now all you have to do is glue butterflies or wherever you’d like and Ta Da! Cute centerpiece for butterfly themed party.

For more instructions on how to make tissue balls go here.

Here are some other links to butterfly themed parties.

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