Here’s a hair tip!

When washing your hair, wet with warm water. Then when applying your shampoo massage into the scalp. Lightly massage going down the hair so your hair doesn’t break. Rinse with lighter warm water.

When using conditioner, apply to the ends first. The ends are what u are trying to condition. Your roots are where the oil start (duh!) so it’s your job to make sure the rest stays hydrated. So start at the bottom and work your way up. If you feel that the too of your hair is too oily then don’t apply to your roots since you won’t need it. Rinse with cold water to add shine.

When your done squeeze out the water from your hair. Instead of using a towel to dry your hair, grab a t-shirt and lightly dry your hair again trying to squeeze moisture out. Do not rub all over your hair cause that can break your hair. Think of all those times you got out of the shower and towel dried the beejezus out of your hair. Talk about major breakage! It was my understanding that towel drying your hair was the way to get all the moisture out so it could dry better. Boy was I wrong and my poor hair paid some serious punishment for that. So now that I’m older it’s time to take care of the hair I have cause who knows how long I’ll have it. So after using the t-shirt just wrap it around your hair and tuck it in the back and allow your hair to sit in there for about 5 minutes or as long as you like.

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